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Open Guelph
Open Guelph
What ideas do you have for Guelph's Open Government Action Plan?
Share your thoughts and ideas!

Check out the attached meet up tool kit which provides background information and guides you through questions about open government in Guelph.

Using the tool kit, you can get together with family, friends, neighbours or co-workers and come up with action initiative ideas to help build the action plan for open government in Guelph.

We need this information for each idea you submit:

1) Name of action initiative

2) Who is contributing this idea? (an individual, a meet-up group?)

3) What is it about? (high level description)

4) When could it start? How long would it last? (timeframe)

5) Who would do this? What would they need? (resources)

6) What would success look like? (measurement)

Thanks for taking the time to contribute to Open Guelph!

More Info:
Open Guelph Meetup Toolkit
City of Guelph Open Government Page

Idea Collaboration by  MindMixer