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Guelph Transit Route Review
Guelph Transit Route Review
What do you think of these proposed transit routes?
Share your thoughts and ideas!
Guelph Transit Route Review

The community told us that we could provide better transit service to our community by making some changes to our routes. Using all of the information gathered, we have designed several new routes and are proposing changes to others. Tell us what you think about these proposed route and schedule changes. We need you to assist us in creating a transit system that meets the needs of our community. An image and description of each route are below. An image and description of each route are below.

1) Select the ideas link to see a detailed image of each proposed route and read the description.
2) In the comments section read the advantages and disadvantages noted for that route change.
3) If you like the proposed route let us know by using the voting buttons.
4) Comment on each route so we will know if it meets your needs.
5) If you need a closer look at a route click on "Topic Details" on the main Transit topic page and click to open the (pdf) of the routes to zoom in or print.

More Info:
Proposed New Transit Route Maps
Proposed Full Transit System

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